Thermage Services New York City

Thermage CPT is a radiofrequency approach to working on collagen underneath the skin or dermus in order to rejuvenate skin flaws. The procedure is non incasive and can lead to the shrnking of loose saggy skin around the belly, face and neck. 

It tightens those cellulite waffles on the thighs. Many celebrities swear by the procedures and have made the procedure more popular amongst the beautiful people. The procedure has become more available than ever before and a perfect solution to bikini fright as women take the local beaches or the vacation beaches this Summer time. Make sure to try Thermage for your belly, face and or thighs.

Why Do People Suffer From Neck Pain?

Some people have a hard time dealing with neck pain. It is so uncomfortable to have such pain because sometimes you cannot even look to your right or left. There are several reasons why a person could suffer from neck pain. It could be that he used a pillow while sleeping that did not help his posture. It can also happen that a person has too much stress and that is causing the neck pain. However, what many people do not know is that neck pain can be developed because of a misalignment in the upper spine. Find out more about neck pain at

Chiropractic Treatment for a Holistic Health Service

Chiropractic treatment has been in the industry of health services for many years already but it is just in recent years that it is getting more attention. If ever you wanted to give this natural treatment a try, go for the service of Dr. Jan Lefkowitz. There are still a lot of people who are hesitant in giving this treatment a try for they lack appropriate knowledge about it. They still think that chiropractic treatment is painful and dangerous. There is definitely nothing to worry about safety with this treatment for chiropractors are professional enough in doing their job. They have been trained for many years in order to learn the proper techniques of offering chiropractic service.

It is wrong to think that chiropractic treatment is only limited to eliminating body pain. This is because the main goal of this treatment is to improve overall wellness and health of patients. Even though chiropractors are popular in dealing with pain, they could certainly do more. It is a holistic approach when it comes to achieving a healthier body and lifestyle. This natural treatment is best for anyone who wanted to improve their health. It is true that chiropractors could effectively eliminate pain, but they are also capable of helping patients deal with various diseases.  As we all know, when the body is not in proper alignment, it could fail to function as needed and this could lead to various health problem.